– A six-part series on policing –

Against Hired Guns is the first source to publish information regarding Oakland School Police Commander Jonathan Bellusa’s claims of corruption and cover up in his department. Read below for more information and context.

A six-part series on policing…

In which a collective of organizers who’ve struggled together against the violence of policing in Oakland address the following:

  1. Learning to Struggle Stronger:
    Proposes a shift in the organizing strategy of fights against police violence;
  2. Positioning a Police Whistle Blower:
    Analyzes a cover-up and corruption in the Oakland School Police Department;
  3. School Cop Blows the Whistle:
    Exposes substantive content of Part Two through an in-depth summary;
  4. Education, Policing and our Collective Expectations:
    Explores the reaching tentacles of education, policing and our collective expectations through a pairing of “restorative justice” with policing and the motivations for crossing the “thin blue line”;
  5. Reflecting Forward:
    Uses Parts 2-4 to reiterate the need for shifting organizing strategy in fights against police violence; and
  6. Resources:
    Offers resources from projects, organizations and experiments in responding to harm and violence without police.