Full Transcript of Jonathan Bellusa’s Deposition

Police Commander Jonathan Bellusa gave sworn testimony against his own department as part of a civil legal action against himself and another OUSD officer in the case of the killing of Raheim Brown, Jr. on February 12, 2013. In his deposition, which is legally bound as sworn testimony, Bellusa called himself a “whistle-blower,” speaking about specifics in the killing of Raheim Brown, Jr. as well as widespread corruption within the police department in which he works.

The full transcript of Bellusa’s deposition testimony, which is a “rough draft” meaning that it was processed onto a computer through a software program, is available in full HERE.

A summary of the transcript, written by Against Hired Guns, can be found HERE.

An analysis of the content can be found HERE.

A press release about the release of the deposition can be found HERE.